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Terms of Sale

Sales are Final
In order to keep prices as low as possible, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges at this time.  All sales are final so please double-check your order before submitting as we cannot edit or cancel orders once they have been placed.  If you have any questions about an item, please feel free to ask and we will do our best to help you out so that you understand what you are ordering. 

Error with Order
Please check your order immediately upon receipt.  If any of your items were damaged or we have made a mistake, please let us know within 7 days of receipt so we can rectify it as soon as possible.  You will be asked to return the incorrect item (at our cost) and upon receipt of return, we will ship the correct item to you.

Snap Count
Snaps are packaged by weight, so count may not be exact.  Pricing reflects possible minor quanitty discrepancies.  If you order multiples of a color, we may combine the sets.  For example, if you purchase two bags of 100-count studs, we may send you one bag of 200 studs.

Snap Colors
Due to imperfect and natural variations in lighting as well as individual settings of your computer screen, snap colors shown on our website may not be a true reflection of their actual color.  If you are unsure of a color, please feel free to inquire.  Or you can purchase a color card or snap sample
here.  Snaps are not labeled by color when shipped.  Colors may vary minutely between production batches.

Snap Compatibility
Our snaps, presses, pliers, and dies are *not* universal and may not be compatible with other brands.  

Presses, Pliers & Dies 

    • The factory does not include instructions with the press, but we provide extensive online step-by-step written and video instructions with troubleshooting tips, including how to remove snaps.

     • Pricing reflects possible unsightly cosmetic flaws.  Presses and dies may have oil remnants, dust, rust, uneven or chipped paint or surfaces, paint/surface scratches, knicks and/or other purely cosmetic imperfections from the manufacturing and/or transit process. Rest assured that none of these blemishes will affect the function of the product.  We recommend you wipe the press and dies down prior to use and attach a few snaps on discard fabric to clean the dies out.  Please understand any cosmetic flaws are beyond our control, and we are unable to replace or refund any press or dies unless a defect affects the function of the item.  Please factor this into your decision to proceed with your purchase.

     • To provide you with the best value, most snap presses are shipped using USPS flat-rate boxes. However, because the presses are so heavy and must fit within the USPS-provided flat-rate boxes, there is a limit on how much packaging material we can use. As such, your package may arrive somewhat damaged superficially. The actual press, dies, and snaps themselves, minus any plastic bags or boxes that hold them, are insured against damage.

Pricing Policies is not responsible for typographical, photographic, technical, or pricing errors listed on our website. We reserve the right to cancel any order. We also reserve the right to adjust prices on our website without notice.

Legal Disclaimer

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