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Starter Pack: KX6A Multi-Functional Pliers w/ Plastic & Metal Snaps



International shipping: This bundle plus up to about 1,000 complete sets of snaps can fit a special discounted flat-rate envelope for $25 to Canada or $35 to most other countries.  If you are charged more at checkout, overpaid shipping will be refunded.


KX6 pliers are a cross between our basic hand-held pliers and our table-top presses.  They yield a more professional result and provide a smoother press that is somewhat easier on the hands compared to the basic pliers with a greater variety of function.  They are also a more economical alternative to the table-top presses.  KX6 pliers have the ability to install plastic & open-ring metal snaps, as well as to remove plastic snaps. These pliers have pre-drilled holes in the handle which allow them to be mounted to a foot pedal.


Comparison of KX6A pliers vs basic KAM pliers




     • KX6A snap pliers with 6 dies sets to:

             - install size 16 (T3) plastic snaps. Also fits size 14 (T1) plastic snaps.

             - install size 20 (T5) plastic snaps. Also fits butterflies, flowers, hearts & stars.

             - install size 22 (T8A) plastic snaps. Also fits size 24 (T15) plastic snaps.

             - install size 20 pronged studs to make a double-sided snap.

             - install size 16 open-ring metal snaps.

             - remove size 20 plastic snaps. With careful centering, can also be used to remove other plastic snap sizes, although some people will not have the strength to remove size 22/24.


     • 100 size 20 standard length plastic snaps in matte white.

B3 White


     • 50  size 16 open-ring metal snaps in silver.


     • Instructions *not* included but are available here.


     • Screwdriver.


     • Awl to poke holes in your fabric for easier snap placement.


     • Terms & Conditions: Pliers, awls, and parts may have traces of oil, rust, dust, chipped/cracked/scratched paint, uneven finishing or other purely cosmetic imperfections from the manufacturing and/or transit process. Rest assured that none of these imperfections will affect the function of the product.  Please understand any cosmetic flaws are beyond our control, and we are unable to replace or refund any tool or part unless a defect affects the function of the item.

Was: $79.99 - $83.94
Now: $74.99 - $78.94
Size 20 Plastic Snaps:
Size 16 Open-Ring Metal Snaps:
Free shipping on US orders of $47+(Free shipping on US orders of $47+)
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