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#16 snaps are our second most popular KAM snap size after #20 and are commonly used for baby and toddler clothing, pacifier clips, ribbon, mama pads, and small crafts.

     Cap diameter is 7/16" or 10.7mm. 

     #16 sockets and studs are identical to #14 sockets and studs. Only the caps are different.

     Caps are available in standard prong length (4.2mm) for thinner material as well as long prong lengths (5.2mm, 6.2mm, 7.2mm) for progressively thicker material.

     #16 caps can be combined with #20 sockets and studs.

To install these snaps, you'll need either a table-top KAM snap press with a 3-piece set of corresponding #16 dies, or hand-held KAM snap pliers. Read more.

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