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KAM Snaps Color Chart


Color charts can be purchased here.


Notes & Disclaimers:

     • Photos of snaps were taken under bright light so may appear lighter/brighter in the photos. Due to variations in lighting and monitor settings, colors in photos may be slightly different than actual. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, sample colors may be purchased here.

     • There may be slight color variations between different production batches.

     • Colors in the C and D ranges are limited edition and may be available only on a periodic basis. This gives us the flexibility to continue to introduce new colors for our customers to enjoy.

     • B1-B60 are standard, universal KAM colors. All other colors are proprietary and custom made for KAMsnaps®. Color names are arbitrarily issued, so custom colors may vary among different sellers even though the names used to describe them may be the same.

     • Colors in the BG range have been matched by KAMsnaps® to bumGenius diaper colors of the same name. While they may not be a 100% match, they are the closest ones when we originally compared.  Please note BG may have changed the exact shading of their colors multiple times (particularly for ribbit), which may further result in a less than perfect match. BG113 Sassy is the same as D314 Tangerine.  BG115 Countess is the same as D312 Magenta. BG116 Stellar is the same as B58 Light Navy.

     • Colors in the C range have been matched by KAMsnaps® to PUL fabric formerly called Fabrite but now falling under various generic names.

     • Not all colors are available in every size/finish.  Please refer to each individual product page for availability. 

     • Images below are watermarked with The actual caps do not have any imprinted words on them.


Colors by Numerical Order

B1 Bright RedB2 Midnight NavyB3 WhiteB4 Dark GrayB5 BlackB6 Dark BrownB7 YellowB8 Bright BlueB9 Olive GrayB10 Sunset YellowB11 Metallic GoldB12 Metallic BronzeB13 Metallic Medium SilverB14 Spring GreenB15 Dusty RoseB16 Royal BlueB17 Melon OrangeB18 Pastel PinkB18 Pastel GreenB20 Pastel BlueB21 Pale PinkB22 IvoryB23 Light TanB24 Light GrayB25 TanB26 Rusty BrownB27 Steel BlueB29 Jade GreenB30 Sage GrayB31 Hunter GreenB32 Denim BlueB33 Reddish PinkB34 Plum PurpleB35 PurpleB36 Neon YellowB37 Creamy WhiteB38 RedB39 GrayB40 PumpkinB41 VioletB42 Dark TanB43 Pearly WhiteB44 Apple GreenB45 Metallic Light SilverB46 TealB47 Neon PinkB48 Blue BellB50 Lime GreenB51 Kelly GreenB52 Dark OrangeB53 Peaches and CreamB54 CrimsonB56 Light VioletB57 Medium PinkB58 Light NavyB49 Dark PurpleB59 Pool BlueB60 Metallic Dark SilverBG100 BlossomBG102 GrasshopperBG103 TwilightBG104 ClementineBG105 MoonbeamBG106 RibbitBG107 ZinniaBG108 BubbleBG109 NoodleBG110 SweetBG111 DazzleBG112 MirrorBG113 SassyC200 ButterC204 SageC209 Candy PinkC211 AquaD300 Light PinkD303 Milk ChocolateD304 ChocolateD305 Off-WhiteD310 Tardis BlueD312 Magenta


Colors by Color Group

B6 Dark BrownD304 ChocolateD303 Milk ChocolateB11 Metallic GoldB12 Metallic BronzeB26 Rusty BrownD312 MagentaB38 RedB54 CrimsonB1 Bright RedBG113 SassyB52 Dark OrangeB40 PumpkinB17 Melon OrangeB15 Dusty RoseBG109 NoodleB53 Peaches and Cream

C200 ButterB7 YellowB36 Neon YellowBG104 ClementineB10 Sunset Yellow

D305 Off-WhiteB22 IvoryB37 Creamy WhiteB3 WhiteB43 Pearly WhiteB23 Light TanB25 TanB42 Dark Tan

B4 Dark GrayB60 Metallic Dark SilverB39 GrayB9 Olive GrayB30 Sage GrayB13 Metallic Medium SilverB45 Metallic Light SilverB24 Light Gray

B21 Pale PinkBG100 BlossomD300 Light PinkB18 Pastel PinkB57 Medium PinkBG107 ZinniaB47 Neon PinkB33 Reddish PinkC209 Candy Pink

B31 Hunter GreenB29 Jade GreenB51 Kelly GreenBG106 RibbitB14 Spring GreenB44 Apple GreenBG102 GrasshopperB50 Lime GreenB18 Pastel GreenC204 Sage

B5 BlackB2 Midnight NavyD310 Tardis BlueB58 Light NavyB16 Royal BlueB8 Bright BlueBG105 MoonbeamB32 Denim BlueB27 Steel BlueC211 AquaB46 TealBG112 MirrorB59 Pool BlueBG110 SweetBG103 TwilightB48 Blue Bell

B49 Dark PurpleB35 PurpleBG108 BubbleB41 VioletB56 Light VioletBG111 DazzleB34 Plum Purple