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How to Use KAMsnaps KX6 Pliers



Note: KX6A pliers do not include size 14 open-ring metal snap dies, but instead include size 20 pronged stud dies (not shown in photo).


How to Install Plastic Snaps


How to Remove Plastic Snaps

Removal dies are intended for use with size 20 plastic snaps. However, with careful centering, they can also be used to remove plastic snaps of other sizes. Note that size 22 snaps may be too thick for most people to remove using the pliers (ie. requires more strength than some people may have).

Alternative removal methods are provided here.


How to Install Pronged Studs to Make Double-Sided Plastic Snaps


How to Install Open-Ring Metal Snaps


Mounting to a Foot Pedal



Having problems with your snaps?  Click here for troubleshooting tips on the most common issues.