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Instructions for KAM Snap Press

We regret that the factory does not include any written instructions with the press. The following are instructions we created in-house for your reference. 


Using the Press:

Always use the press on a completely even surface, with the entire weight of the press equally supported.


Install Plastic Snaps


Install Open-Ring Snaps


Install Utility Spring Snaps


Install Fashion Spring Snaps


Removing Snaps


The easiest way to remove plastic snaps from fabric is with our Press Removal Dies or Removal Pliers but click here for several alternative options.


Maintenance & Storage:

You should lubricate the spring and threads that hold the dies periodically with WD40 or other type of machine oil/lubricant.  If you notice some difficulty in attaching the dies to the press or in removing them, please do not continue to force the dies in as they will eventually get stuck.  At the first sign of difficulty, lubricate the dies as well as the hole in the press where the dies go so that the dies slip in and out smoothly.

You may find it easier on your hands to wrap some fabric or padding around the handle for cushioning.  You can also use foam pipe covers available at your local home improvement store.



Having problems with your snaps?  Click here for troubleshooting tips on the most common issues.