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How to Convert your Snap Press to a Foot Kick Press

If you want to speed up the snapping process and/or your arms and shoulders are tired of pressing down on a snap press, you can convert your KAM press to a foot kick press using relatively inexpensive materials.

Click here for pdf instructions, courtesy of Lynn Quire of Reuse and Baby Lou. (Thank you, Lynn!)

Here are additional online tutorials/photos/videos providing more information on how you can create your own foot press stand:


The following are photos of a foot press stand constructed for 2 presses, side by side.  Springs were added to make the foot pedals pop back up because these pedals were so heavy. (Thank you, Michelle!)


The following stand was built for 2 presses. The table was from Harbor Freight.  (Thank you, Toni!) 


Other foot press conversions: