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#20 KAM snaps are commonly used on cloth baby diapers in lieu of velcro and for most general projects like clothing and household applications.   #20 snaps have the largest color variety, have a nice strong hold, and are a good size for most projects.

     Cap diameter is 1/2" or 12.4mm.

     • Available in 3 cap lengths:

     • Regular/Standard prong (5.6mm) snaps are a good starting point if you're not sure what you need.  They won't work in every single scenario, but they are the most commonly used length and work with most items.  All snaps found in this section are standard prong.

     • Short prong (4.6mm) snaps work great for thinner fabric combinations, such as 2-3 layers of a thin fabric like PUL or cotton.

     • Long prong (6.2mm) snaps should only be used for very thick material, such as prefold diapers or 2 layers of marine vinyl.  If your snaps are falling off your fabric, most likely you need longer prongs.

     • The same sockets and studs are used regardless of the cap length.

     • Tip: you can just cut the tips off longer prongs to shorten them.

To install these snaps, you'll need either a table-top KAM snap press with a 3-piece set of corresponding #20 dies, or hand-held KAM snap pliers. Read more.

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