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DK93 SCREW Shank Press Dies


Dies on this page fit the KAM DK93 professional press but can also fit the KAM DK98 with the use of our DK93-to-DK98 adapter.  The DK93, pictured in the right column, has a straight handle. The bottom die shank is approx 3/4" in diameter with a smooth shank that drops into the press. The top die shank is approx 5/16" in diameter with a shank that screws into the press.  Click here for available dies for the DK98 press (curved handle).


To determine which dies you need, first select your snaps from our store.  Then choose the die set that matches your snaps. For example, if your snaps are size 20 fashion spring, choose the die set labeled as the same.  A different die set is required for each different size and style of snap.


Complete die sets:

 - 2-piece die sets for open-ring grip snaps include an open-ring cap die and a bottom die that accommodates both the socket and stud.

 - 3-piece sets for plastic snaps include a cap die, a socket die, and a stud die. 

 - 4-piece sets for spring metal snaps include a cap die, a socket die, a stud die, and a post die.


Click here for individual plastic snaps die pieces. Individual metal snap dies are not available.


Notes About Dies:


Dies to Remove Plastic Snaps: This 2-piece die set was fitted for #20 plastic snaps but works with other sizes with proper centering.  Watch video.


Extended Lip Dies for Plastic Snaps: #16/14 and #20 sockets and studs also come in an extended lip version. The extended lip allows the snap piece to sit more securely in the die and can better accommodate minor variances in snap molds. Extended lip dies can install color snaps and clear snaps, whereas regular dies can only install color snaps.  #20 is only available with the extended lip.


Please read the Dies Disclosures before making your purchase.

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Customer Reviews
Laura Hinze
I ordered the plastic dies for size 20, and later the metal dies. I love how easily these screw into the press and they're easy to use! The snaps always snap perfectly!
Sara Lina
I have the dies for #20, the grommets, and the open ring snaps. They all make it so easy to install them!! I love being able to buy from kamsnaps, their service has always been the best!
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