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> Metal Snaps

Our metal snaps have been tested by a CSPC-approved lab for lead content to ensure compliance with CPSIA regulations for children's products.


Our metal snaps require a table-top KAM snap press with a corresponding die set to install. Each size and style of snap requires its own set of dies.  For example, if you wanted to use #14 fashion spring snaps, #20 fashion spring snaps, and #20 utility spring snaps, you would need 3 different die sets.


Our metal snaps:

     • are not intended for use with leather, unless the leather is thin like fabric, because the prongs on the snaps are too short.

     • cannot be installed with our hand-held KAM snap pliers, which are for plastic snaps only.

     • are not universal and should not be mixed with other brands of snaps because they are not fitted the same. There are countless variations of similar-looking snaps on the market. Please be aware that our snaps may not be identical to those available elsewhere.


Although there is no hard and fast rule and ultimately depends on personal preference, most people use:

     • open-ring grip snaps on baby/children's clothing and other basic crafting projects. This style has the least firm grip of the 3.

     • fashion spring snaps on projects that call for a more decorative touch.

     • utility spring snaps on projects that call for a more heavy-duty snap.  This style has the most firm grip of the 3.


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