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NOTICE: Clips will be discontinued once we sell out.

Metal clips provide a touch of elegance and can be used as pacifier clips, suspender clips, mitten clips, ID tag holders, and more.  We have a variety of fun shapes and colored clips to choose from.

Our metal clips have plastic teeth to better prevent them from snagging your fabric without compromising grip.  They have been tested for compliance with CPSIA regulations regarding lead and phthalates in children's products.

Care: Metal clips should not be machine washed or dried and can rust if exposed to excessive moisture. The colored clips are painted, which means they are more prone to scratches.

Caution: Please remember that these products are comprised of parts small enough to pose a choking hazard and should always be used under adult supervision. Also, bear in mind that some shapes have points to them, and while none of the points are sharp, if you are concerned about exposing baby to even dull pointed objects, you'll want to avoid using those shapes on baby products.

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