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Instructions for KAM Snap Pliers


*----------------------------- Using the Pliers -----------------------------*

Practice on scrap fabric first to get the hang of it before applying snaps to your actual project. Removing plastic snaps can be very time-consuming!

Using the Pliers (Quick Start Version)



Using the Pliers (Detailed Version)


Changing the Dies for Different Sizes


*----------------------------- Maintenance -----------------------------*

Pliers may squeak. This does not affect their function, but if it bothers you, you can spray WD40 or other lubricant on the metal screws, metal hinge, and metal shank to lessen the squeaking.

Pliers parts will wear out and will need to be replaced periodically. You can find replacement parts here.

You may find it easier on your hands to wrap some fabric or padding around the handle for cushioning. The pliers in the following photo were wrapped in craft foam and white electrical tape.


*----------------------- Troubleshooting -----------------------*

Having problems with your snaps?  Click here for troubleshooting tips on the most common issues.


*-----------------------------  Removing Snaps -----------------------------*

The easiest way to remove plastic snaps from fabric is with our KAMsnaps Removal Pliers but click here for several alternative options.

*--------------------- Mounting Pliers ---------------------*
A base mount can help with leveraging which may make squeezing the pliers a bit easier, especially for those who suffer from hand pain.  A base mount is available for purchase, or you can build your own.