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How to Use Adapter for DK93 Dies with DK98 Press

"Woe is me!  I have a DK98 press but the dies I need are only available for the DK93 press."


DK98-to-DK93 adapter to the rescue!


A little background: DK98 dies are shown on the left; DK93 dies are on the right. As you can see, their shanks are different.  The DK98 bottom die (2nd piece from the left) has a shank that is more narrow than the DK93 bottom die (last piece on the right).


The adapter piece is a sleeve which will allow you to use the DK93 bottom die with your DK98 press.  As shown below, the original adapter sleeve in the DK98 press has a smaller hole to accommodate the DK98 die.  Our DK98-to-DK93 adapter piece has a wider hole that will accommodate the wider DK93 bottom die.