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How to Install Metal Snaps with a KAM Snap Press



Utility Spring Snaps:



Fashion Spring Snaps:


Removing Fashion and Utility Spring Snaps:

It is more tricky to remove these types of snaps. The easiest way to do it is to use a drill with a bit that is about as narrow as the prong. Slowly drill against the center of the snap on the underside of the cap until you can pull the pieces apart. Here are some other suggestions we received by our amazing customers:

  • "I would suggest denting the cap in the center, then using a pliers to bend it up to expose the post. Once the post is exposed, use a pincer or a wire cutter to clip the post, or to cut the cap off so the post can be pushed through the fabric."

  • "I use nail nippers, an old pair, to squeeze the socket or stud side. When a prong or two is lifted, I wiggle it off."

  • "I use a small wire cutter ease my way under squeeze the grip kind of like a hammer prying a nail."



Open-Ring Grip Snaps:




Removing Open-Ring Grip Snaps:

Use a thread snipper or any tool with a very flat head. Place the head beneath the open-ring cap (between the open-ring cap and the fabric) and gently pry the cap away from the fabric.

Video:  Removing Open Ring Metal Snaps