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How to Install a Pronged Stud to Make a Double-Sided Snap

How do pronged studs work to make a double-sided snap? 

First you start with a regular snap, consisting of all 4 parts (2 caps, 1 socket, and 1 stud).  You have the cap/stud side and the cap/socket side. 

The double-sided portion is then added in between, as shown below.

In the example above, there are 3 sections of snaps.  The 1st and last sections, when snapped together, form a regular snap.  In the middle section, a socket is installed with a pronged stud to form a double-sided snap.  The double-sided snap in the center can then connect to both the 1st and last sections.


How are pronged studs installed? 

You'll need a #20 pronged stud die for your press or pliers to install pronged studs.  The pronged stud die is inserted in the bottom hole of the table press or pliers.  Since the pronged stud has a prong, it takes the place of a cap (which also has a prong).  You would then install either a socket or regular stud on top of the pronged stud, just as you normally would with a regular cap.