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Adorable flower-, heart- and star-shaped caps add an element of fun and whimsy to any project.  These caps work with #20 sockets and studs.

     Butterfly, Flower, Heart Caps: Use the same die as #20 round caps for both pliers and presses.

     Star caps: For K1 pliers, use the #22/star die (labeled T8A). For K2 and KX6 pliers, use the same die as #20 round caps.  Dies come standard with pliers but are also available here.

     Star caps: For presses, use the same die as the #20 round caps.  The fit may be a little tight in some dies but it should still work.

     When installing shaped caps with a table-top snap press, you may need to use less pressure than you normally do to avoid cracking.


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