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KAM table-top snap presses are professional-grade and can be used to install both metal and plastic snaps.  They provide a uniform appearance and enable users to install a large quantity of snaps relatively quickly.

KAM snap presses can be mounted to a table, if desired, but do not need to be.  They can also be converted from a hand press to a foot kick press. You can also extend the handle of the press to provide better leverage, which will make pressing down easier.

     If you will be using #20 glossy plastic snaps (our most popular snap), we have a complete DK93 press bundle available which includes everything you need to get started: the press, size 20 plastic snaps, and a 3-piece die set for those snaps.  Best value!

     If you will be using a different size or will be using metal snaps, you'll need to purchase the press, snaps, and dies separately. 

     • The DK93 model press is recommended.  What's the difference between the DK98 and DK93 presses?

     • Please note, KAM presses, KAM dies and KAM snaps are fitted to be used with each other.  KAM products are *not* universal and are *not* compatible with other brands.



Overview of how to install plastic snaps with a KAM snap press. Be sure to read the full written instructions before use.

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Best Value!

Includes dies & snaps

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Plastic Snaps & Dies

Double-Sided Snaps & Die

Metal Snaps & Dies

Removal Tool

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Most Recommended Model

Free US Shipping!

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For Snap REMOVAL Only

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