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#20 KAM snaps are commonly used on cloth baby diapers in lieu of velcro and for most general projects like clothing and household applications.   #20 snaps have the largest color variety, have a nice strong hold, and are a good size for most projects.

     Cap diameter is 1/2" or 12.4mm.

     • Available in 3 cap lengths:

     • Standard prong (5.6mm) snaps are a good starting point if you're not sure what you need.  They won't work in every single scenario, but they are the most commonly used length and work with most items.

     • Short prong (4.6mm) snaps work great for thinner fabric combinations, such as 2-3 layers of a thin fabric like PUL or cotton.

     • Long prong (6.2mm) snaps should only be used for very thick material, such as prefold diapers or 2 layers of marine vinyl.  If your snaps are falling off your fabric, most likely you need longer prongs.

     • The same sockets and studs are used regardless of the cap length.

     • Tip: you can just cut the tips off longer prongs to shorten them.

To install these snaps, you'll need either a table-top KAM snap press with a 3-piece set of corresponding #20 dies, or hand-held KAM snap pliers. Read more.

Looking for just parts instead of complete sets?  Visit the Size 20 Parts section.

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1,000 Individual Parts
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