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KAM hand-held snap pliers are lightweight and portable, providing a convenient and inexpensive (not to mention addictive!) way to install a variety of plastic snap sizes.  Pliers are intended for home use and not for commercial applications.

Now offering 2 models: the original K1 and the newer K2. The only functional differences are:

 - K1 dies are not available for #24 plastic snaps but are available for pronged studs to make double-sided snaps (sold separately)

 - K2 dies are available for #24 plastic snaps (included) but are not available for pronged studs.

 - So if you intend to install double-sided snaps, you'll need the K1 pliers. Otherwise, the K2 pliers are recommended.

Hand-held snap pliers cannot be used to install metal snaps or grommets.

Overview of how to install plastic snaps with KAM snap pliers. Be sure to read the full written instructions before use.


     The factory does not include instructions with the pliers, but we provide extensive online step-by-step written and video instructions with troubleshooting tips, including how to remove snaps.

     Pliers, awls, and parts may have traces of oil, rust, dust, chipped/cracked/scratched paint, uneven finishing or other purely cosmetic imperfections from the manufacturing and/or transit process. Rest assured that none of these imperfections will affect the function of the product.

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550 Snap Sets

10 Sets x 55 Colors

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1,000 Snap Sets

100 Sets x your choice of 10 colors!


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Size Sampler Pack

100 Snap Sets (10 Sets x 10 Sizes)

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Snaps *not* included

Was: $16.99 - $21.98
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For Snap REMOVAL Only

$1.50 - $9.99