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KX6 multi-functional pliers vs K1/K2 basic pliers:

KX6 multi-functional pliers

NEW!  Introducing our new KX6 multi-functional pliers, a more industrial alternative to the basic pliers.  These pliers can not only install plastic snaps, but they can also remove plastic snaps, install open-ring metal grip snaps, and be mounted to a foot pedal.  Made of heavy duty alloy steel! 


K1/K2 basic pliers

The K1 and K2 basic hand-held snap pliers are made specifically for plastic snaps only. They are lightweight and portable, providing a convenient and inexpensive way to install a variety of plastic snap sizes.  These basic snap pliers cannot be used to install metal snaps or grommets.

Basic pliers are intended for personal use and not for commercial applications. They tend not to yield results as professional looking as the KX6 multi-functional pliers or our industrial table-top presses

The K2 model is recommended if you will be installing primarily size 20 snaps, the most popular size.  The K2 can also install size 24 snaps, whereas the K1 cannot.  What are the differences between the K1 and K2 pliers?


Overview of how to install plastic snaps with KAM snap pliers. Be sure to read the full written instructions before use.

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Mostly Size 20 with a Few Other Sizes to Try

Was: $21.99 - $53.94
Now: $15.99 - $47.94
Was: $19.99 - $54.94
Now: $15.99 - $50.94
Was: $31.99 - $63.94
Now: $19.99 - $51.94

Better leveraging, less hand strength required


Installs & removes plastic snaps

Installs open-ring grip style metal snaps

Was: $69.99 - $86.94
Now: $64.99 - $81.94

Installs & removes plastic snaps

Installs open-ring grip style metal snaps

Was: $79.99 - $83.94
Now: $74.99 - $78.94


Choice of Silver or Floral

$12.95 - $20.93


Up to 30% Off Wholesale Coupon Inside

$12.99 - $17.97

For Snap REMOVAL Only

$1.50 - $9.99