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How to Make a No-Sew Tutu

We originally found this on the Facebook page of Aupamama Portabebés Artesanales.  A very easy way to create an adorable tutu skirt with just an elastic band and some rolls of tulle.

Additional tips:

  • I cut a piece of cardboard that I need the length of the tulle, then wrap the whole spool around it. Cut at both ends, and you only have to make 2 cuts, instead of 200. (Britni B)
  • You could add a snap for closure instead of sew it. (Rachelle SM)
  • I like using the rolls of tulle from the wedding section, and if you stack 2-3 at a time you get a puffier tutu. (Rachelle S)
  • How to Make a Tutu with an Elastic Band and Rolls of Tulle