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New to snaps and dies? Click here for a background explanation of why dies are necessary to install snaps.


How to Choose Your Dies:

 1. Determine which plastic snaps, metal snaps or grommets from our website you want to install.

 2. Add DK93 press dies that are labeled for the size/style of your snaps or grommets. (If you have a DK98 press, substitute with DK98 dies.  If DK98 dies are not available for your snap or grommet, you will need to purchase DK93 dies along with the DK93-to-DK98 adapter.)


FAQS about Dies:

 - Can I use KAM dies with my non-KAM press?  No.  Dies are *not* universal.  Dies and parts sold on this site are intended to fit the pliers and presses sold on this site.  If you have tools or snaps purchased elsewhere, we recommend you purchase your dies from the same source to ensure compatibility. Click on the DK93 dies or DK98 dies page for die dimensions.

 - Can I use the same dies for my table-top press and hand-held pliers?  No, they are different.

 - Can I use the same dies for different snaps?  Generally speaking, no.  If you have KAM hand-held pliers, please refer to the instructions to determine which dies are required.   For table-top presses, each size, style, and type of snap requires its own dies. For example, #20 plastic snaps require #20 plastic snap dies.  #20 fashion spring metal snaps require #20 fashion spring metal snap dies.



     • Dies may have traces of oil, dust, rust, scratches and/or other purely cosmetic imperfections from the manufacturing process. Rest assured that none of these imperfections will affect the function of the product.  We recommend you wipe the dies down prior to use and attach a few snaps on discard fabric to clean the dies out. We are unable replace or refund any dies unless a defect affects the function of the item. These possible cosmetic imperfections are reflected in the price.

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What are dies?  Why are they necessary?

Snap pliers and presses require dies to function.  Dies are the pieces which hold the snap parts in place in the pliers and press.  An analogy would be to compare pliers or a press to a sewing machine.  The sewing machine does most of the work, but without a needle, you won't accomplish anything.  The needle is necessary to hold the thread before the thread can be sewn into fabric. 

Similarly, pliers and presses do most of the work, but you need dies to hold the snap parts before the snap can be installed into fabric. And just as different needles work with different threads, different snap dies work with different snaps.


If you have a drill press or an arbor press, you can also use our table-top press dies to convert them to a snap press: