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How to Convert an Arbor Press to a Snap Press

Snap presses are a bit pricey, but did you know that you can use an arbor press as a snap press with some modification?  At the time of this writing, Harbor Freight is selling arbor presses for around $30.  If you're handy enough to drill some holes in the arbor press to fit the snap dies, then all you would then need to purchase would be the snap dies (DK-98 model).

This photo from gives you an idea of what modifications would be needed. 


Essentially, you would need to:

1) drill a hole in the plate (that's the little disc thing-a-ma-jig that sits at the bottom of the arbor press) to fit the bottom (ie. cap) die for the snaps.

2) drill a hole in the bottom of the rack (which is the long vertical bar) to fit the top (ie. socket or stud) die for the snaps.

3) install a pin in the side of the rack that can be tightened to hold the top die in place.

And voila! you've got yourself a home-made snap press!


If you've converted your arbor press into a snap press, we would love to see pics! You can email them to or post them on our Facebook page. Instructions/tutorials would also be great if you happen to have them!